Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Loc Log #13 - 7 months

Today is my 7th month with locs! yay! Not a lot has changed except that most if not all of my hair is locked!!!!!!!! Not mature, but locked. I still have quite a few curly ends, but many of them are sealed at the ends. I continue to have a tough time with frizziness, but I'm embracing it. My last concoction included TW's loc it up gel, ORS loc and twist gel, and honey. While this proved successful, it has also created a bit of an issue. Flakes and buildup. Dang! Well, the product junkie in me lives on and I move on to try something new. Yesterday, I received my order of Nubian Kinks' locing pomade. Can I tell you that that stuff smells like Heaven?! I can't wait to use it. The order I received yesterday was accidentally ordered (by me) from Amazon while waiting on my actually order directly from the salon in New York. Hopefully, my direct order will be here today......Green Tea Oil, Mint Medley Shampoo, and more locing pomade. I can't wait for it to get it here. More Christmas gifts! jk! I'll come back later with the results of these products.