Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Loc Log #15 Random Loc Thoughts 1

This is actually so random I don't even know where to begin! LOL! Here goes.....

2. I can't decide if I want interlock my new growth or twist it. I was interlocking every 2 months, and twisting every month, but lately I've been interlocking every month and twisting even less.

3. Speaking of twisting, I just really used this Carol's Daughter loc butterCarol's Daughter Loc Butter, 8 oz. for the first time after having it for several months. I like it at first, but the Georgia pollen will not allow me to like it. Washed it out in two days and interlocked the new growth.

4. Shampoo bars are the business! I ordered several from Chagrin Valley and immediately fell deeply in love. They are wonderfully priced, smell great, and clean my hair superbly! (review coming soon!!!!)

5. My German Shepherd, King, loves to smell my hair when it has been freshly washed, spritzed, or oiled. It's too cute!

6. I can't keep my hands out of my hair!

7. My husband is so impressed with how well I take care of my hair. Apparently, he thinks everyone in town should be taking lessons from me on hair health.

8. My hair loves water.

9. My hair loves oil. A few of my favorites (this time around...LOL) are Afroveda's SunSilk Citrus Hair Oil, Hibiscus Hair Infusion Oil, Priti Bodhi Rice Bran Hair Oil, and Shikakai Hair Growth Elixir. I usually pick one to use for the week.

10. Love the YouTube loc vids! Keep them coming.

Until next time..............