Saturday, February 13, 2010

Loc Log #14 - Nubian Kinks and other stuff

I am quickly approaching my 9th month with locs. I think this is my longest time with anything, (other than my husband...LOL!). Ok, so I promised that I would review the Nubian Kinks locing pomade. The first thing I noticed about the pomade was the obvious color and fragrance. It's kind of hard to describe the fragrance, but it's a sweet, perfumey kind of scent. It's quite pleasant. It has a tan color and has a creamy texture.
I initially used the pomade without adding any extras as I tend to know another gel or honey. My hair was really pretty with minimal frizz (though I've embraced the frizz), BUT it didn't last very long. I loved the fragrance and the frizz minimizing factor, so I decided to try it again. This time I added my handy dandy TW loc it up gel and a bit of honey. PERFECTION!!! I love how this stuff leaves my hair smelling so good.
I also ordered the Herbal Mint Medley Shampoo. Loves it! I actually think this is my favorite shampoo to date since I've started locs. I accidentally received the mint scented oil rather than the green tea oil that I ordered. Loves it! Good mistakes are great!