Sunday, June 6, 2010

Loc Log #19 - Braid Out

I decided to try my hand again at doing a braid out.  I don't think my hair was quite old enough when I tried the first time.  I decided to do a bit of palm rolling first although the braid out in itself would have taken care of that.  I changed my formula just slightly from the last time I had palm rolled my hair.  I used a mixture of Nubian Kinks locing pomade, IC Fantasia polishing gel, honey, and Nubian Kinks Mint Medley Oil.  It was perfect because I think I have received my best braid out results to date.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Loc Log #18 - More about this color.....

Well, I put a bit of color in my hair right in the back. I was actually successful this time with my hair actually lifting. The first time I tried to dye my locks, nothing changed. This time I was excited because it actually worked! Because I am a teacher, I try to keep my hair color pretty conservative during the school year, but when summer comes..........I love to try different things with my hair color. I have to be careful with it due to my allergies with hair color.

While I like my initial hair color, I really wanted it to REALLY pop. I bought some Clairol's Jazzing Red HotClairol Jazzing #40 Red Hot 3 oz.. I had used this color before so I knew it would really be a hot color. Well, during my daily YouTube, Nappturality, Blog stalking, I ran across people using Manic Panic. I know there are those that use Manic Panic to achieve really wild colors, but I just need a big pop. I decided to try it. I purchased Vampire RedManic Panic ~ Amplified ~ Semi-Permanent Hair Dye ~ Vampire Red and that was all she wrote. Now, don't get me wrong, I really like it because it's super unique. I just worry of what color it will be when it fades.......watching and waiting.


Update:  After several people saw my hair in person, most say that it is not as bright as the pictures!