Thursday, September 10, 2009

Loc Log #9 - Dilemma

First of all, "dilemma" is not a word that I spell very often, yet it is so simple and having trouble spelling it.....go figure. Alas, I do have a dilemma.
Since late June, I've been interlocking my roots. I've done this probably more than the average interlocker due to my hair growth and slippage. While interlocking has worked wonders with my "baby locs", I have found the need to continue to twist/palmroll periodically during the month. The twisting and palmrolling just seems to keep everything in place. It has been a month since I've interlocked, but I have AT LEAST a full inch of new growth/slippage. I am so ready to interlock, it's not even funny! My dilemma is whether or not both processes are ok to do to my hair, or should I just stick to one? Someone please help.....


  1. Hey Sis! I interlock every 4 weeks, mainly because when I go longer than that I have too much new growth to retighten. Since my locs are very small I figure the more times I have to go through, this increase the odds that I will go through the same hole twice making holes and weakening the loc. During my frizziest months I would wrap the hairs that were coming out of the loc around the loc while keeping the loc stationary, mainly on the outside or most visible locs. Palm-rolling and twisting of any kind is out of the question...unless of course I want to brake my hair off...which is NOT on the agenda. lol IMHO, that method neatened things up a bit without stressing my small locs.

  2. Hi msfullroller, I decided to go ahead and interlock. It will be a little over 4 weeks tomorrow. I have tried to wrap the hairs around the loc, but I never say a real noticeable change. I'm gonna try to wean myself from twisting.....

  3. Yeah am with Msfullroller, I used to have traditional locks and i maintained with twisting. Whilst it was fast and easy,I didnt have the freedom of 'hand in hair' plus I over twisted which resulted in thin base and fat locks...NOT NICE.