Sunday, June 6, 2010

Loc Log #19 - Braid Out

I decided to try my hand again at doing a braid out.  I don't think my hair was quite old enough when I tried the first time.  I decided to do a bit of palm rolling first although the braid out in itself would have taken care of that.  I changed my formula just slightly from the last time I had palm rolled my hair.  I used a mixture of Nubian Kinks locing pomade, IC Fantasia polishing gel, honey, and Nubian Kinks Mint Medley Oil.  It was perfect because I think I have received my best braid out results to date.


  1. This is beautiful, sis! And it'll probably last a little over a week. Just gorgeous!

  2. Your hair is so cute! When my hair was that length I didn't know what to do with it, so I was just straight for a long time. Then I lived in that ponytail world for too long. Now I have length and courage to experiment. Thanks to bloggers like yourself. I love your look.