Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bradelocz?? Perhaps!

Well, I received the Nappylocs Business in a Box. I still haven't sucessfully installed the test locks. The whole use of the nappylocs tool is much harder than it seemed. Even after I watched the video, it was still hard. Well, in my frustration, I rediscovered Cherie King's bradelocz (again). I then began searching Youtube videos and blogs for bradelocz (braidlocs). I actually found many more people that started their locz with bradelocz (braidlocs) rather than with the nappylocs approach. When I'm searching videos and blogs, I'm always looking for people that have a similar hair texture as mine. I know that everyone's hair is unique, but finding someone similar is very helpful.
During my search, I ran across Cherie King's bradelocz as I said earlier. I had seen this before. In fact, I even subscribed to her newsletter and eCourse. As I searched, I began seeing more and more nice locks that were started with braids. I continued to see equally as nice locks that were started in other ways. But because my hair is very soft, thick, and curly/coily, I think bradelocz may be my best choice.

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