Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let the Journey Begin!

Well, I finally took that leap! I braided my hair up this past Saturday. It took a whopping 12 hours! I'm sure it wouldn't have taken so long, but I took massive breaks! When it was finally time for me to go to bed Saturday night, I was just smitten with my new little braids. They had the cutest curly ends, but were quite stiff as to be expected.....but still smitten. I got into the bed with my computer and camera all set to take some pictures, but I couldn't find just the right pose. Go figure! When I got up Sunday morning to prepare for church, I took off my scarf and realized that all of my little plaits were flat. Oh dear! I sprayed them with my Happy-n-Nappy Dew to no avail. I tried flat twisting them in the front for a little style, but still nothing. This went on until about 9:50. (I was about to be really late for church.) I finally got so pissed at them that I went to the sink and rinsed them, considered taking all of them out! Oh, but wait.....the water was just what they needed! The water allowed them to relax a bit and not be so stiff. I put on a headband and hurried out the door. Alas, my bradelocz had received their identity.....only to find a new one the next day. LOL!
Monday, while I had nothing to do, I started to notice the fact that Ireally hated that center part. Why, oh why did I give myself a center part in the first place when I NEVER wear my hair with one. I decided that I would twist the roots and give myself a new SIDE part, more becoming of how I wear my hair. My hair was easy to twist considering the fact that my is already very naturally coily. Coincidentally, my braids and roots had already started to coil. I must say that I like it a lot better with the side part. My little bradelocz are starting to grow on me! Let the journey begin!


  1. Your hair looks great and very moisturized! It suits your face wonderfully! Don't you love the fact that you have a face that can pull off any style including the super short ones?!?!

  2. Always forgiving! I try to mist it lightly with something everyday.