Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bradeloc Log #3 - First Official Shampoo

Since I installed the bradelocz (braidlocs) in my hair, I've been trying to figure out how to keep my scalp clean. I've always had issues with and an itchy, dry and flaky scalp, so keeping my scalp relatively clean is very important. I initially tried the wig/stocking cap method. I couldn't really get to my scalp, so that didn't work like I had anticipated. I then found the herbal cleanse. Now, I really like it, but my scalp was dirty in a couple of days. In the mean time, I had placed an order for some Taliah Waajid products. The 'Moisture Clenz' was among the items ordered. I eventually used the Moisture Clenz, and initially liked it. I think I must have manipulated my hair a little too much because I still had to retwist the majority of my hair. Not a big deal!
As the week went on, my scalp became itchier and itchier. (Is that a word?) Anyway. I just couldn't take it anymore! Since I wasn't really doing much due to a chronic sinus infection/allergies/bronchitis, I decided to braid and band my braidlocs. This took forever because I am VERY slow! Anywho.....I shampooed it with my diluted Nappylocs shampoo and tea tree oil, then topped it off with an ACV rinse. I still don't feel like my scalp is quite as clean as I want it, but it sure is better! Today, after taking down the braids, I have nice wavy, curly braidlocs (and I didn't have to retwist)!


  1. hey sugah'---good to hear from you again--from what i've learned since i've been a "natural beauty" for 12 years now--too much washing the hair isnt good--with shampoo that is--i pretty much co wash my hair 2x's a week and moisturize it daily with my EVOO and conditioner mix--i then add coconut oil to my scalp and ends--my hair is soft to the touch and it smels good--do your reserach about cleansing your scalp--email me and i;ll send you some of my favorite links---remain blessed!

  2. I'm curious as to if you did your hair yourself...
    Cos you talked about twisting it and all..

    Looks real nice BTW..

  3. Thanks! Yes, I did it myself. I'm a VERY DIY person!