Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bradeloc Log #1

It has now been just a little over a week since I installed bradelocz in my hair. Let's just say that this week alone has proven challenging. I gave the rundown of my first morning with bradelocz in a previous post. Things since then have been a bit challenging but not quite as much. These are the things I've learned in my first week with bradelocz.
1. Patience WITHOUT FRUSTRATION is a virtue.
2. Just let my hair "do what it do"!
3. Despite the suggestions of others, honey with aloe vera gel and almond oil is not the best medium for retwisting roots.
4. Oh, and don't twist the roots so often. ( I only did this because I had to wash my hair. It was unbelievably itchy, and I just couldn't take it anymore :-))
5. Don't be so self-conscious about what it looks like at this stage.

Pictures coming soon........


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