Sunday, July 26, 2009

Braidloc log #6 8 week update

It has been just over 8 weeks since I installed braidlocs. My journey so far has been met with challenges and changes. I’m learning my hair in a brand new way. It’s as if I’m learning my hair in the way that it was meant to be! I think I’ve actually found products (or rather the lack there of) that most benefit my hair. One thing that I’ve found to be very helpful is simply rinsing my hair daily or every other day. It was when I started doing this that I began to notice the biggest change in my hair. It’s as if the rinsing is helping my hair mat and coil within itself. Some of my ends have become very firm and some have knots. Only a few of my ends still have strict curly ends. The rest have a distinct coil or it as least ‘looks’ this way. Also, my hair is VERY frizzy. Though I think it’s very frizzy, lots of others, including many relaxed ladies, have complimented me on my hair. Basically, I’m just looking forward to this journey as it unfolds.

Additionally, I’ve recently begun to interlock my new growth with the nappylocs tool. This takes longer than twisting, so I just interlock over the course of two days. Roughly 3 hours for each session. I’m sure I could do this all in one day, but my arms get rather tired. As I stated earlier, rinsing has made my hair do virtually miraculous things. This would not be as simple as it is if it weren’t for interlocking my new growth. I love this journey!

Thank you so much to those of you who are following me. I really appreciate it. If you're just lurking, feel free to follow! :-)



  1. Wow your hair is really growing! Looking good.

    I really can't get over your growth!


  2. My hair has always grown like weeds, even with a relaxer!

  3. Gimme that growth! lol Looking really good sis!