Monday, April 6, 2009

The Natural Hair Journey Begins

August 20, 2008 began my final natural hair journey. I say this because I've started this journey before only to fall back into the world of "creamy crack" aka RELAXERS! I remember 8/20/08 like it was yesterday (as if I'm talking about 20 years ago!!). A couple of days before this, I decided that I wanted to dye my hair. Having had allergic reactions to darker hair dyes in the past, I decided that I would go a little lighter. Some lighter colors have actually worked for me without affecting my scalp. But not this time. My scalp was a hot mess...raw! I did the best I could to my hair the next morning before work. I was taking bathroom breaks at work all day just to go to see if my hair was still presentable. What I found was a swollen scalp! We had P.T.O. that night at school so I couldn't get home to take care of my head. But as soon as P.T.O. was over, I headed home to get the scissors! I took a couple of anti-inflammatory pills and commenced to BIG CHOP! It was the chemical hair color this time that led to me deciding to become natural. Well, I had to really be gentle with my scalp for the next few days so that it would heal, but in the meantime, my natural journey had started!


  1. I am 20 years old and i lost my all hair at very young age of 19 years. my scalp become so itchy i am really depressed i kept my self in home. I am afraid of being permanently bald girl. it was horrible to see my self in the mirror then i searched internet and found this blog and follow comments and use herbal shampoo now i can see a thin layer of new hair all over my crown i am really very happy. but believe it or not natural shampoo change my view of living my life.

  2. I am so happy that you found my blog helpful. I love my hair, but I love being a blessing (in some ways) to others even more! With that being said, keep your head up, things are turning around for you. And yes, natural shampoo and products are great! Please keep me updated on your progress.