Friday, April 24, 2009

Oyin Handmade Review

I've had my Oyin Handmade products for a week now. I think it's time for an official review. I purchased four products from Oyin on March 28. I ordered Greg Juice, Juices and Berries, Honey Hemp Conditioner, and Shine and Define. Before I go any further with specifics, I must say that each one of these products gets top billing in my book! They are all spectacular!
Honey Hemp Conditioner - This conditioner is not only reminiscent of lemony honey goodness, but it's light and provides excellent condtioning. After just one use, I was able to IMMEDIATELY and completely comb through my hair! This is a first, as my hair is very thick and coily. Honey Hemp left my hair very soft, moist, and extremely shiny. Perhaps the only thing I don't like about this conditioner is the fact that I have to use so much for my 5 inches of thick hair. I would love to keep using this conditioner, but WHEN my hair gets longer, I may have to use half of the bottle for one use! At $18 for the 16 oz. bottle, I suppose that's a little steep to have to use so much, but for the quality, I'm very willing to purchase this again (and again!).
Greg Juice/Juices and Berries - These leave-ins are the best ever! They alone provide the moisturization that I've been looking for. The scent of these product is phenomenal as well. I'm slightly partial to the scent of the Juices and Berries; however, each product provides the exact same moisturization for my hair. When I use this product with my Ojon Restorative leave-in, the softness, shine, and moisturization are unprecedented! LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, :-)
Shine and Define - This product works wonders by itself or with other products. It can slick down those unruly edges, tame those frizzies, make the little curlies and coils pop, and give a mean shine to dull hair! I normally use this products with my IC Fantasia Gel, and together.....I've found NOTHING better for defining my curls. This week has been my best curlie week ever!
All of these products can be found at There are a couple of other online retailers that sell these products, but I prefer the original website because of their excellent customer service. Beware that it can take their products up to three weeks (or more) to get to your doorstep. Never fret, these products are made fresh upon your order's place in the queue. This is actually a good thing! Fresh and great quality. Thanks Oyin Handmade! Check out ScandalousBeauty and her review of Oyin! (Click here for video.)